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Who turned out the lights?

So often we find ourselves wandering around in the dark.

Whether it is your personal life, your professional life, or your spiritual life- when you are in the dark, navigating is much harder and it's easy to stumble and fall, or simply to find the right path and purpose.


Think of me as the flashlight that helps you find your way to your HAPPY place in work or life.

I'm here for you because I genuinely care, and I have the tools and experience to help!

That's why I'm offering the first video call for FREE! 

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Who is Kelly Kae 

aka The Mindful Admin?

Like many of you, I wear a lot of hats!

Professionally I have been successful in many career paths and roles. 

I will say that I wasn't always happy in my career. You can learn the job skills, but what about things like work/life balance and work ethics, stress management, and emotional intelligence?

They don't teach you that in school! BUT I DO.

For the past 8 years I have successfully served as a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Trailhead Ranger, Trailblazer Mentor, Trailblazer Mentorship Circle Leader, IACC certified Personal and Professional Success Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, and Spiritual Minister. I've studied and learned from the best such as Tony Robbins, Thich Nhat Hahn, and many more!

Personally, I got to where I am because I have had to overcome many obstacles along the way. Who hasn't? No one starts out at the finish line. Period. It's a journey for all of us! I've overcome many traumas, grief, abuse of every flavor, addictions, bad relationships, bad jobs, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

I'm now happily married, have a wonderful family, and living each day mindfully! 

I have learned how to overcome the dark parts of my journey so I can enjoy a successful life in all aspects, and I want that for you as well!  

I am devoted to shining a light to help others find their way to enjoying a successful life in all aspects too!

Schedule a FREE consultation today to discuss how I can help YOU!